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Published by waner in Morrisey · 29/4/2015 13:55:00
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Chris Hamilton, who is "Senior Vice President of the West Virginia Coal Association; chairman of the WV Business & Industry Council and member of the West Virginia Board of Coal Mine Health & Safety and West Virginia Diesel Commission," has written an op-ed piece featured in the Logan Banner and the Charleston Daily Mail that describes how the EPA is devastating our state and how lucky we are to have elected officials like Attorney General Morrisey and companies like Murray Energy willing to fight the good fight:

West Virginians should thank Attorney General Morrisey and Murray Energy Corporation for leading the charge to block this legally flawed EPA proposal in the court of law. The lawsuit, and those yet to come, will help avoid the pain that EPA’s proposal will inflict on West Virginia families, workers and employers.

Morrisey, in conjunction with other conservative state AGs, has been keeping busy filing lawsuits against the Obama administration on the EPA, gun laws, immigration, and Obamacare. (In my old blog section, go to categories and then click on Morissey  for watch's  #1,2,5 and 6.) From what I have read, none of these lawsuits will succeed. That wasn't their purpose, however. The real purpose was to enhance his position with state Republicans/conservatives and more importantly, with big election donors like Murray Coal, the NRA, and the Kochs. With Hamilton's op-ed piece, it certainly looks like he is on his way.

Local lawyer and blogger, Chris Regan, has an outstanding post on Morrisey on his blog, Home Yesterday, about Morrisey's political use of the attorney general's office. Here is a sample:

Attorneys general used to act something like real lawyers. But more recently, they have become more like at-large representatives of their political constituencies, and their donors. Morrisey might be the paradigmatic example of the trend, even going so far as to misrepresent West Virginia’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act in order to strike a partisan pose. 

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