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--- A quick glance at the Sunday News-Register

Published by waner in News-Register · 15/3/2015 22:11:00
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(Reaction to the end of the WV legislative session later this week.)

Cosby at the Capitol

On the day following the final day of the legislative session, the top story in the Sunday morning News-Register is "Fans Support Cosby at Capitol."  Can someone explain to me why this incomplete story is front-page news? Okay, if the News-Register thought that this was a top-of-the-front-page news story, why didn't they, at the very least, provide attendance figures?  Was the Capitol Music Hall filled?  Half-empty? Were the people interviewed the only ones there? And what did Capitol officials think about the attendance?  How does Wheeling compare with other cities on his tour? What I learned from the story is that the people who attended the event still support him. Ah, yeah.

More Capehart support -- a letter to the editor

Since I previously wrote about Robin Capehart's resignation and "reassignment" at West Liberty, a letter to the editor in the morning News-Register got my attention.

Norman Moyes wrote a letter to the editor listing Robin Capehart's accomplishments as President of West Liberty University. I do not have the necessary info to comment on all of Moyes list but here are some of Capehart's "accomplishments" (according to Moyes) that I can speak to:

"-- Graduate degree programs." (My understanding is that those programs came with university status - something that was underway before he arrived.)

"-- A professional television station run by students."  (West Liberty's station was in place long before Capehart became president.)

"-- A basketball program that is nationally ranked."  (The coach, Jim Crutchfield, was there before Capehart arrived. Unless he's secretly running plays to Crutchfield, I don't see why Capehart deserves any credit for the basketball team's success.)

"And in addition, he's given Wheeling the best public relations it ever had, thanks to his movie." (Is Moyes justifying Capehart's unethical/questionable actions because it gave Wheeling some publicity?)

In the letter, Moyes notes that he is a West Liberty alumnus and at the bottom he lists his affiliation as "Boston University Professor Emeritus."
I did a little research. Despite the listing of Boston University after his name, Moyes doesn't live in Boston - he lives in Wheeling and guess what?  He's on West Liberty's Foundation and guess who appointed him?  That's right -- Robin Capehart.

In checking his background, I found that Moyes worked in newspapers and then taught at Boston University where he wrote or co-wrote a number of journalism textbooks. I would think that somewhere in one of his textbooks he mentions the concept of "full disclosure" which includes telling the whole truth connected to a matter including any connections the reporter might have to the story. I realize that this is a letter-to-the-editor rather than an article by Moyes. Still, I would have thought Moyes, given his background, would have told us the "whole truth" about his connection to Capehart. 

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