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--- What's with the Intelligencer's obsession with Michelle Obama

Published by waner in Obama · 26/10/2014 21:32:29
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Saturday’s lead Intelligencer editorial, "Obama Knows His Supporters," is just another in its seemingly endless and predictable "guilt by association" opinion pieces. Taken individually, it’s hard to find the development of any argument beyond "Democrat so-and-so, who supports Obama on a particular issue, also supports Democrat fill-in-the-blank (usually Natalie Tennant)."  That’s it – that’s usually the only argument.  The "so-and-so’s" mentioned always include Harry Reid and, in the last month or so, they’ve clearly added Michelle Obama to the list. Michelle Obama? Yes, regular readers of editorials and Michael Myer’s columns have learned that surprise, surprise – Michelle support’s Democrats. As we read again today:

Last year, Mrs. Obama attended a New York City fundraiser for Democrat candidates. She told those at the gathering "it is critical that we elect Michelle Nunn (Georgia), Alison Grimes (Kentucky) and Natalie Tennant. It is critical we get them to the Senate."

And so, Natalie Tennant should not be elected because the President’s wife supports her. This is taking "guilt by association" to a whole new level. Okay, what terrible atrocity is Michelle Obama guilty of – having married Barack?  Being the wife of a Democratic president – wouldn’t you expect her to support Democrats?

Okay, the Intelligencer's hatred of all-things-connected-to-Obama appears to be getting worse and Michelle is obviously connected to him but from a right-wingers point of view, aren’t there more obvious targets?  I have some thoughts on this but I’ll save it for a later date. What do you think? Click on "read more" and give us your opinion – what’s with the Intelligencer’s obsession with Michele Obama?

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