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--- Where's the Capehart story?

Published by waner in West Liberty University · 1/4/2015 08:35:00
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Nothing in the Wheeling "newspapers" about this

The Charleston's Gazette tells us:  "Capehart Ethics Hearing Postponed."

An Ethics Commission hearing for former West Liberty University President Robin Capehart has been postponed to June 29, according to a continuation order issued Tuesday by Hearing Examiner Jennifer Taylor.

The hearing had been scheduled to begin on April 16, but attorneys for Capehart sought the delay, indicating a key witness will be out of the country and unable to testify on that date.

The order also notes there are “ongoing settlement negotiations” with the Ethics Commission, which may require additional time beyond April 16.

Ethics complaints are frequently resolved prior to going to public hearing, with the accused entering into conciliation agreements, in which they admit to fault on some or all of the charges and agree to pay restitution and fines.

While they're waiting, perhaps the Ethics Commission can get Capehart to watch the legislature for them.

--- West Liberty University for sale

Published by waner in West Liberty University · 22/10/2014 14:33:45
Tags: Ferns

WLU Names Science Classroom for Physical Therapist

This morning's Intelligencer tells us that a classroom in West Liberty University's new Campbell Hall has been named the Ryan Ferns classroom because Ferns has given $50,000 and helped raise money for the University as a sponsor of its Great Gala fundraising event. Ferns, despite being a graduate of both Wheeling Jesuit University and Bethany College, "believes in West Liberty as a community University."  (I'm sure that West Liberty's president having been the former treasurer of the state Republican Party had nothing to do with it.)

Obviously, selling naming rights at colleges and universities is not new - especially with sports stadiums and buildings. And recently we've added names to classrooms and other physical facilities. This opens up lots of new and creative possibilities. For those donors who can't afford the purchase of a building or a room, colleges could sell lounges, dumpsters, bathrooms, or even toilets. (Think of it as NASCAR without the speeding cars.)  What better way to introduce students to the increasing corporatization of America?

For the rich donor who wants their name to be remembered long after they have departed, schools could sell the naming rights to the institution itself.  For those readers who believe I've now taken this post to absurd lengths, I will present as evidence the case of a Pennsylvania state university just a few miles east of here on Interstate 70 -- California University of Pennsylvania. In 2001, a rich donor who had already given 10 million dollars to the university proposed renaming the school Eberly University.  The president of the school agreed and began the process of renaming the university. However, the students, alumni, faculty and staff objected enough that the Eberlys themselves asked that the proposed name change be withdrawn.  The president of the university, who in hindsight appears to have been ahead of his time in placing marketing and funding over tradition, commented "In my heart, I believe that the proposal that is now off the table would have helped us as part of a major marketing campaign."

Yes, for a few bucks why not change West Liberty University to Gary E. West University - it has a nice ring to it.

Some final questions.  West Liberty's Great Gala occurred last spring - why wasn't the naming of the classroom annouced then?  Could it have something to do with the upcoming election?

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