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--- Science deniers on the offensive 1 - updated March 6

Published by waner in fossil fuels · 5/3/2015 16:42:00
Tags: coalmountaintop
If your argument won't stand on its own merits, harass those who disagree

I've previously read about this harassment tactic used by the climate deniers and now they're going after West Virginia University. The ultimate goal is to silence scientists and other researchers who examine the effects that fossil fuels are having on the environment.

The tactic is simple - it's just constant harassment. From the Charleston Gazette:

Alpha Natural Resources is pressing the state Supreme Court to force West Virginia University to provide thousands of documents about the search of a former WVU professor who has published a long list of papers that link mountaintop removal coal mining to increased risk of birth defects, cancer, and a variety of other illnesses among coalfield residents
Highland sued WVU under the state’s Freedom of Information Act, trying to obtain documents related to the preparation of papers authored by then-WVU researcher Michael Hendryx. The company also wants copies of correspondence between Hendryx, various co-authors, and any outside organizations, such as environmental groups and scientists who peer-reviewed the Hendryx papers.

Hendryx, who now works at Indiana University, has led a research effort that produced more than two dozen peer-reviewed scientific journal articles that reported residents who live near mountaintop removal mining are at greater risk of serious illnesses.

Yeah, they're gonna do what they gotta do to stop that scientific research.

Update March 6 - this morning the locals ran a short AP story about this online but didn't bother to find room for it in the actual "newspaper." (That's unusual - it's often published but not online.) 

--- From around the Web: fossil fuels

Published by waner in fossil fuels · 19/2/2015 09:40:00
Tags: Keystonewaterclimate
Frackcheckwv has two good posts on fossil fuels

A sample from an article on what's currently happening in the oil and gas industries by Duane Nichols:

The fight is tough elsewhere, except in the Marcellus, where the natives are considered “passive” by drillers and the governments with “eyes wide shut” do all that they can to export whatever is saleable.
 And Nichols uses the recent train derailment as a starting point in "Clean Water and Dirty Fossil Fuels Do Not Mix."

 Here he is talking about Senator Manchin and the Keystone Pipeline:

Just like all the great tricksters of the past and the present, he and his ilk will frame the debate as the safest of two options, while omitting the third (and ONLY SAFE) option: leave the tar sands in the ground.

Climate change and the military

Our local "newspapers" dismiss the risks to our defenses posed by climate change as mere posturing by the president. Jeff Goodell examines climate change from the military's perspective and then explains why we should be concerned in "The Pentagon & Climate Change: How Deniers Put National Security at Risk" in Rolling Stone:

The leaders of our armed forces know what's coming next – but deniers in Congress are ignoring the warnings.

It continues to get warmer

Think Progress summarizes the latest findings on global warming in "Hottest 12 Months On Record Globally Thanks To Warm January, Reports NASA." 

In January, the planet continued the warming trend that made 2014 the hottest calendar year on record. NASA reports that last month was the second-hottest January on record (after 2007), while the Japan Meteorological Agency ranked it the hottest.

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