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--- WV last in Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index

Published by waner in state of the state · 19/2/2015 08:16:00
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Six years in a row at #50

For the sixth straight year West Virginia finished 50th in the annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index released today. According to USA Today:

The 2014 rankings, released Thursday, are based on over 176,000 phone interviews with people in all 50 states. The Index measures how people feel about and experience their daily lives, and looks at their health across five categories: purpose, social, financial, community and physical.

Alaska came in at #1 followed by Hawaii, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. Battling WV for last were Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Mississippi.

Gallup's explanation of the their index can be found here.

--- says that WV is the unhappiest state in the Union

Published by waner in state of the state · 25/9/2014 10:25:08
Tags: WV

What do you think?

Does West Virginia deserve the title of the unhappiest state in the Union?  That’s what concluded in their recently released study which ranked the happiness/unhappiness of all of the states and the District of Columbia.

What Wallethub did was to analyze "the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 26 key metrics, ranging from emotional health to income levels to sports participation rates."

Here is what emerged:

Top 5 states

1.  Utah
2.  Minnesota
3.  North Dakota
4.  Colorado
5.  Nebraska

Bottom 5 states

47.  Kentucky
48.  Arkansas
49.  Mississippi
50.  Alabama
51.  West Virginia

(If you’re interested, wallethub does provide the entire list of states, details of their methodology, and an "ask the experts" feature on their website.)

Okay, the study does use numerous and varied measurements to draw its conclusions. I do have some problems, however, when social scientists use quantifiable/objective measurements (divorce rates, income, life expectancy, suicide rates, obesity rates, etc.) to try to measure something that is very subjective (happiness).  That said, I do find the conclusion intriguing especially if you bring the politics of the bottom five states into the picture.

What do you think?  (To comment, click on the "read all" below.)

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