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--- Some updates to recent posts

Published by waner in updates · 18/11/2014 19:43:28
Tags: Blankenshipcoal

My last post dealt with The News-Register’s sit-down series and mentioned Don Blankenship and his $3 million contribution to Brent Benjamin’s campaign. Mother Jones is out with an excellent investigative report on how the problem is getting worse: "How Dark Money Is Taking Over Judicial Elections" In the article, Blankenship and Benjamin are discussed under "The Best Ruling Money Can Buy."

From In These Times, another story on the Blankenship indictment. I thought the title said a lot about our culture’s priorities in the big scheme of things: "Charges for Coal CEO: 6 Years for Worker Deaths, Up to 25 for Deceiving Investors."

Finally, a diarist over at Daily Kos attempts to tackle the difficult political question of how Democrats in states like West Virginia can or cannot deal with issues surrounding climate change. The diary also includes a video from the last election on West Virginia and the politics of coal.

--- From around the web - some updates to previous posts

Published by waner in updates · 16/9/2014 17:10:16
Tags: varied

On guns and the NRA endorsement

From USA Today:

For red-state Democrats, brandishing a gun in a campaign ad has become almost mandatory.

The newest entry? Alison Lundergan Grimes of Kentucky, who is challenging Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The ad shows Grimes shooting skeet, as she describes how she is different from President Obama. It’s a response to McConnell’s repeated charge that she would simply be a rubber stamp for Obama in the Senate.

She also mocks an image of McConnell at a political event holding a rifle over his head, saying, "Mitch, that’s not how you hold a gun."

McConnell’s response does sound familiar.

On the growing militarization around us

From Talking Points Memo:

More than 20 school districts in the United States have been equipped with military-grade equipment through the federal program that provides such gear to local and state authorities free of charge, according to civil rights groups.

A simple question: why?

On WV senate candidates talking about something other than the "war on coal"

From Jim Lees excellent op/ed piece in yesteray’s Charleston Gazette:  "Let’s talk about war – not war on coal:"

This fall two very different candidates are asking me to choose which of them will join the ranks of the 100 Club in Washington, the U.S. Senate, a club in which members occasionally but too infrequently voice thoughts and ideas about the role of America in such conflicts. Perhaps I am different, but I would very much like to know the position of these two candidates on the issue of war. American war, as in the kind where our kids go overseas and come back in boxes. I would like to know when and under what circumstances these candidates believe we should send our children and when we should not.

I agree - where do these candidates stand on going to war?
(Sorry, unable to link to article.)

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