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--- They’re teaching about Islam in West Virginia!

Published by waner in war on terrorism · 26/1/2015 13:57:04
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I’m surprised that this didn’t make Fox News

From the Sunday Charleston Gazette:

A Wyoming County school received angry phone calls after photos surfaced of posters from a multicultural lesson on the Middle East and Islam, but the criticism wasn’t from parents.

Westside High School Principal Robin Hall said she received several calls from people in Florida, Arizona and New York who were upset that the school was teaching about Islam and accused teachers of indoctrinating students.

Apparently there was a coal miner’s retraining workshop at the school on King Day. Shaun Adkins, who was not at the workshop, later took a video of what was an earlier multicultural unit on Islam and then posted it on Facebook.

Adkins said he is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and served in the Persian Gulf War. He was stationed in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain during that time.

"I don’t think all Muslims are bad. I just think that they’ve become irrelevant and their religion has been taken over by this rogue element," Adkins said of the difference between Islamic extremists and those who are not.

Adkins said he believes there is a difference between culture and religion, and that Islam falls under the latter. He added that he has a problem with schools teaching about the Islamic faith and not Christianity.

According to the article, the bulletin board about the Muslim religion has been taken down and replaced by posters about nutrition and the basketball season.

--- "How Does This End?"

Published by waner in war on terrorism · 20/9/2014 15:42:04
Tags: war

New Film from Brave New Films

Brave New Films is out with a new short film - this time on the consequences of our "war on terrorism."  Like their previous film (mentioned and linked in my September 8 post on militarization), it is very short (a minute and a half) but very much to the point.  As with their previous film, I cannot embed it on my site so that you will need to click here on the Youtube site to view it.

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