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--- We were overdue for another biased headline

Published by waner in Wheeling Intelligencer · 30/4/2015 14:59:00
Tags: Intelligencer
Photo arrives too late to accompany "fair and balanced" headline

Here's the headline above the Intelligencer's front page article about yesterday's West Liberty Faculty Senate's "no confidence" vote for chief financial officer, Jack Wright :

Faculty Senate Has New Target

And here's the photo of the proceedings that arrived after the "newspaper" was published:

Note -- the Intelligencer does deserve kudos for not using the word "radicals" or the phrase "reign of terror" anywhere in the article. And other than decapitation, could there be anything worse than a vote of no confidence from a faculty senate?

For contrast, here's the headline (using the same information) in today's Charleston Gazette:

West Liberty faculty votes no confidence in administrator

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