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Published by waner in info · 1/5/2015 13:56:00
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May 1 - Moving Day

I've reached the limits of my web program and my ongoing problem with it changing my font type and size after "publishing" is getting worse.

Consequently, yesterday's post on the Intelligencer's coverage of the no confidence vote at West Liberty will be the last new post on this site.  Since I've already paid rent on the space, I will maintain this site and try to organize it so that I can refer new posts to some of the information found in past posts.

The new site is here or copy and paste: https//thewheelingalternative.silvrback.com/.  (Don't forget to bookmark it.)

I switched to silvrback because (most importantly) it is much easier to blog.  Additionally, it should provide a better experience for you, the reader.  I think you'll find the site easier to navigate and the posts easier to read.  It also has RSS which allows you to get notification when a new post has been published.

For the month of April I reached 500 unique visitors.  Hopefully I will see all of you over at my new site.

Note --- I am still configuring mail.  If you would like to get in touch with me, click on contact me above.

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