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The best and most euphoric feeling, for the motorcycle enthusiast, is the freedom of the pure, open road around them. At times, you may ride for hours, or even days on end. Then again, with every good comes some bad. A long ride can be foiled when you get bruised and sore, on your rump! Yes, even the toughest of us experience some kind of behind trauma, caused by a hard, poorly padded leather seat. In addition, the flimsy padding wears down, leaving you with a hard, flat seat surface. Luckily, there is a cure for rump roast. It’s what we call a motorcycle gel seat.

You may have heard of gel seats, used by professional bicyclists on long, grueling trips. The punishing terrain for a bicyclist can wreak havoc on his butt, leaving him unable to sit down. Because of this, the gel seat was invented, as a sort of “back-up system” for his behind.

As eager as you might be to hop back on your bike, it really pays off to have just a tiny bit of patience, as it will help you have a glorious season start and enjoy riding in a better condition for a longer time. 


The same principle applies to a motorcycle gel seat. It looks something like an overly-swollen bike seat. For each cheek, there is a corresponding gel lump. It looks something like what would happen if you sat on a ball of clay, and then flipped the finished piece over.

There’s one particular advantage the motorcycle gel seat has over the bicyclist’s. Seat size! A motorcycle gel seat may be shaped like a chair seat, enlarged to acommodate the comfort needs of the rider. So not only do you sit directly on thick, gel padding, you’re surrounded by it! Lucky you.

Some bikers favor long and frequent trips. Because of this, some opt to install an extra motorcycle gel seat. This is a wise choice if you’re into the long trips.

When the first layer wears down, the second one is there for you to fall back on, should you get stuck far away from any motorcycle shops.

How do you install a motorcycle gel seat? Its quite simple, really. For the larger, rectangular shaped seats, first remove the existing seat. You cannot put a motorcycle gel seat on top of one that’s already installed, or else you’ll be stuck about a foot above your normal seating position. Pull the seat you wish to discard out of its metal tray. This may take some prying, as it’s likely to be securely glued in place. Once the old seat is removed, spread a layer of gel seat glue inside the metal tray, and insert the new gel seat.

If your seat is the smaller, singular type, you will need to purchase an entire gel seat stand. Unscrew the old seat, and replace it with your new motorcycle gel seat.

With the motorcycle gel seat, you’ll certainly be able to enjoy those cross country trips. When you are sitting on, and surrounded by comfort, you’re able to focus on the scenery instead of your behind! The butt-imprint motorcycle gel seat is not difficult to install, and once in place, will last for many years.