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Is there someone on your gift list that absolutely stumps you? If that person is a motorcycle enthusiast, look no further! People who are into motorcycles tend to love everything relating to their hobby. Bet you never realized that there are motorcycle gifts galore. You just need to know where to look.

Knowing the make of motorcycle your friend owns helps. Most motorcycle owners are fiercely loyal to their make of bike.

A motorcycle shop is the first place to start when searching out the elusive motorcycle gift. You’ll be amazed when you walk in the shop and see the breadth of motorcycle gifts available.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has bought a new motorcycle and a new ready-to-go Posho mill for self-styled peace ambassador Nathan Ambuti.


Key fobs, wallets, mugs, water bottles, special riding boots and jackets are among the more obvious choices. Helmets come with different features, plain and fancy. Undoubtedly, your friend already has a helmet, but another one is always welcome and can be used as an extra if he or she invites a friend to ride and that person doesn’t own a helmet.

If you aren’t into the motorcycle scene yourself, you may not realize the practical nature of many items you can buy as motorcycle gifts. On highway rides, insects are a real problem for a rider not properly equipped. Even a sturdy pair of jeans won’t prevent the stinging sensation of a little insect hitting your pants, causing real discomfort along the way. You can also become quite cold on a long highway ride, without a proper pair of leather riding pants and jacket. For all of these reasons, if your riding friend doesn’t already have them, any or all make thoughtful motorcycle gifts.

Leather riding boots, specially designed for the motorcycle rider are made of very high quality leather and are made to withstand heavy use, protecting the legs in case of a spill or accident. This also is true of riding apparel. It’s not just for looks, but safety, making for a meaningful gift that shows you care.

Another excellent motorcycle gift is the gel motorcycle seat. Riding on the standard hard leather seat for a long distance guarantees you a sore behind at the end of your trip. The gel type of seat conforms to your seat, a custom fit. They’re thick and comfortable as well.

On a more whimsical note, there are several other options for just fun and unusual motorcycle gifts. You’ll find miniature scale motorcycles, completely “authentic”, with chrome detailing, rubber tires and leather seats. Some make a “vroom-vrrooom” sound when the handlebars are squeezed!

E-bay recently sold a china plate etched with a motorcycle, designed for a big steak with gravy or sauce, such that when the food was eaten, the sauce settled in the etched design. Aha! There it is, your favorite image at the end of the fine meal.

Don’t forget to search garage sales and flea markets for these unusual items. Whatever motorcycle gift idea grabs your fancy, the recipient is sure to be pleased!