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If you love to ride motorcycles, then you surely must own motorcycle riding apparel, which is stylish yet, serves a very functional purpose. Protective gear and clothing is an absolute must, and it doesn’t matter if you’re riding around the block, or if you’re going on a cross country trek. Riders must always be prepared for an occasional shower or other adverse riding conditions. And let’s not forget all those four plus wheeled vehicles that always seem to be out to get motorcyclists by any means they can. Preparation is key, but riders must always be prepared for the unexpected, which is why wearing protective gear is so important.

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There are many brands and styles of motorcycle riding apparel available, for every type of riding, and for every kind of motorcycle. And you don’t need to own a motorcycle to wear it, you just have to look good in it, but it’s a bonus if you have the ride to go with it! One of the biggest names in motorcycles and motorcycle riding apparel is undoubtedly Harley Davidson; a name synonymous with classic biker style. To check out what’s available visit for the latest styles in motorcycle jackets, boots, helmets, chaps, vests, shirts, headwear, weather gear, and unmentionables too! With Christmas coming up, Harley Davidson leather corsets and matching G-strings are big sellers, for on and off the bike! You can also find motorcycle riding apparel on a number of websites like,, and, which carry top quality leather apparel and accessories at low prices. Another site,, also specializes in discount riding gear in addition to a huge selection of motorcycle parts and accessories.

Motorcycle racers are most likely familiar with Vanson Leather, the largest manufacturer of high quality leather and textile motorcycle riding apparel in the United States. In business for over thirty years, this company is known for it’s unique designs, motorcycle jackets, and casual garments for men and women. Vanson garments may also be customized to your very own specifications. Lots of styles to choose from and lots of retailers that sell them, and some of better quality than others. Shop around for exactly what you’re looking for. Motorcycle riding apparel definitely speaks volumes about the person wearing it. It exudes attitude and independence, and even if it’s only worn on the weekend, it transforms us as soon as we put it on!