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Sometimes I really envy impulsive people. I know that I gain a lot by being careful when making any purchase, but even so it makes things pretty difficult for me sometimes. One of the biggest examples of this is buying a new car. For most people, a new car search is limited to looking at a couple local dealers. They have one brand or two that they are loyal to, and they go and see what is on offer. They don’t do elaborate new car searches, trying to find the best deal everywhere. They don’t do all the consumer reports research that I feel the need to. They simply make a decision and go with it, and things usually turn out more or less alright for them.

Volkswagen has unveiled an EV charging infrastructure prototype called the Mobile Charging Robot which can locate your electric car, bring a device to it to charge the battery and then take it away when the charging is done.


Unfortunately, I am much more careful. Although it has been the key to my financial success, it also makes me grouchy from time to time. Every time I take a new car search, it takes a long time. Fortunately, the Internet has made things a lot easier for me. Nowadays, I can do online car searches and find the best quotes from different dealers. Many people don’t realize how much the price of a particular car can vary from dealer to dealer. You can gain or lose a lot of money by missing or seeing the right sales.

One of the best ways to save money during your new car search is to buy closeouts of last year’s model. Few people really realize how little most cars change from year to year. Every once in awhile, the major car manufacturers do big upgrades and change everything. Generally, however, all the parts will be the same in the 2007 model as they were in a 2006. The styling will be slightly updated and a few things might come from different manufacturers, but often that is it. Therefore, if you wait for a closeout sale, you new car search can net you considerable savings on a car that, although a year old, still has not been used.

Another way to save money on a new car search is to check out what are known as floor models. Many of these have been through nothing but a few test drives. People have come and gone, tried out the chairs and contemplated the car for purchase, but little more. Except for a few minor scratches, there is no damage,. These cars, in fact, are barely used at all.